How to craft online product descriptions that sell your food brand

ecommerce sales Sep 16, 2023

How to Write Product Descriptions that Drives Conversions and Sales for Packaged Food and Beverage Companies

In today's dynamic ecommerce landscape, crafting a compelling product description is not just a nice to do—it’s an absolute necessity. Given the challenges of online shopping where a shopper can't physically experience your products, your descriptions help people understand the product highlights and why it's for them through the copy you write and the images you use. A well-crafted product description is a science and an art and needs to become an integral part of your online strategy if you want to get discovered and bought online. Whether through Amazon or on your own online store the writing a product description that's high quality can make a massive difference in your business.  A meticulously crafted description can boost both conversions and sales, enticing readers to click 'add to cart'. Dive in to discover the art of creating product descriptions that sell.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Every product resonates with a distinct group. In the realm of ecommerce, understanding this group, your target audience, is pivotal. Whether your gaze is fixed on the health-conscious, the gourmet aficionados, or the perpetually busy millennials, your product descriptions should echo your audience's aspirations. For instance, if you're well-aware that your audience supports environmentally-conscious initiatives, then spotlighting your product's sustainable packaging all of a sudden becomes essential information about a product you want t share.When you know your audience's desires and concerns, you're in a vantage point to engage them more persuasively.

Features and Benefits

Delve deeper than merely listing product features on your product detail pages. Your latest coffee may boast of being “sustainably sourced”, but how does this resonate with the buyer? Perhaps it means they're championing eco-friendly practices with every sip. Frame your product details in such a manner that they vividly sketch out how each feature amplifies the consumer's life. Remember, you're not just pushing a product; you're presenting a transformative experience.

Sensory Descriptions

Elevate your product page by bringing to life the senses with words. Merely stating "a delicious chocolate bar" is passé. Instead, envision "a velvety cascade of chocolate, punctuated with crunchy almond bits that promise a melt-in-the-mouth escapade". Such immersive descriptions fuel the imagination, offering the shopper a tantalizing virtual taste-test. 

Transparency and Authenticity

In the age of informed online shopping, consumers are looking for genuine product information. They deeply value transparency, especially in sourcing, manufacturing, and ingredient detailing. If your offerings are brimming with locally-sourced ingredients, let it shine prominently. Authenticity isn't just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of building enduring trust. Be proud of your brand, your business practices and don't be too humble. Sometimes you're doing so many great things behind the scenes that you forget to tell your shopper about, but those details and be the make or break to persuade them to make a sale. On the flip side, consumers aren't interested in over inflated claims or product hype.  Telling shoppers your water is gluten free breaks trust and transparency because, well, of course it's gluten free, it's water! If it's very clear your product doesn't contain something or wouldn't have a claim attached to it, don't say it just for the sake of saying it. This breaks your trust and makes it so people don't want to add items to their cart. 

Utilize Storytelling

Infuse your product page with stories that connect and convert.  Every product has a narrative, be it a rich legacy behind your grandmother's secret recipe or your brand's commitment to community upliftment. Great stories create a deeper connection, transporting the shopper beyond just the tangible to the realm of emotions and ethos. Where you can, add relevant stories that build connections with your audience and helps them see how the product can be integrated into their everyday life. 

Incorporate User Reviews and Testimonials

Harness the might of social proof. Testimonials and user-generated content can be the pivot upon which a purchase decision swings. If a customer couldn't stop gushing about the rejuvenating aftertaste of your beverage, make sure potential buyers see it. Such authentic endorsements fortify trust and augment your product's allure. There are many plug ins you can use on your ecommerce site that highlight the reviews and 5 star reviews the product has received. And if you're selling on Amazon, add testimonials as one of the images and make sure to find ways to gather as many reviews and testimonials as possible. This is a key element to driving online sales that can not be overlooked when it comes to how to convert shoppers online. 

Technical Details and Spec Specifications

While the soul of your product description might lie in passion and narrative, its backbone is undoubtedly the comprehensive product information you provide. Be it the nutritional values, potential allergens, or compatibility tags like "Keto-friendly", these points ensure the shopper has all the relevant information at their fingertips, facilitating an informed buying choice. Use a combination of full descriptions about the product, features and benefits and make it easier to read through the use of bullet points. 

SEO Optimization and the Power of Keywords

Even the best product can get lost online if they aren't optimized for online search ranking. Before you write your product description, do your research.  Strategically integrate researched keywords into your descriptions, ensuring that a search for terms like "organic elderberry syrup" propels your product to the pinnacle of search results. It's important to remember you are competing with thousands of other brands online and SEO helps your shopper find the information they need when it comes to discovering your brand and making a buying decision. Shoppers rely on the search results given to them. If you want to get discovered, you have to make sure you're working with the algorithms to show up in their search. 

High-Quality Images and Videos

A product page thrives on visuals. Supplement your product descriptions with striking, high-resolution product  images or demonstrative videos. Such additions can vividly portray the texture, usability, or unique selling proposition of your product, making the online shopping experience more tangible. People eat with their eyes so make sure to truly capture the appetizing appeal of your product through your images. Try and avoid stock images where possible and always use high quality images that truly highlight your packaging, brands and product itself. 

Testing, Iteration, and Refinement For High Quality Ecommerce Product Descriptions That Sell

The digital realm is ever-evolving. Adopt best practices by regularly evaluating the performance of your product descriptions. Seek patterns, discern what resonates, and perpetually refine. After all, the journey to optimization is continuous. If you're working with a packaged food consultant like the Healthy Food & Beverage Group, this is something we look at regularly together to make sure your content continues to work for you. Not sure what you should be measuring or how, book a call with our team here. 

Conciseness Coupled with Completeness

Brevity is an asset in today's age of dwindling attention spans. However, this shouldn't come at the cost of leaving out crucial product information your audience wants to hear. Craft product descriptions that are both concise and comprehensive, ensuring every word plays a pivotal role in the shopper's journey from interest to purchase. 

Effective Call-to-Action (CTA) On Every Product Page

After captivating your audience with a compelling product story, it's crucial to guide them forward. Every product page must feature a powerful CTA—a persuasive invitation, such as "Dive into gourmet bliss today", "Try Your's Now" "Order Now" " Buy Now".  This isn't just a button or a phrase; it's the decisive push, converting mere curiosity into tangible action. remember your website's job is to sell your product so make it easy for people to do that on each product page. 

Optimize and Elevate Your Online Presence To Drive Conversion and Sales

Looking to give your product descriptions a fresh touch to boost those online sales? Let's chat! We've been navigating the bustling food and beverage scene across North America, helping brands like yours make a mark. Our team can help you evaluate your online presence and set you up to drive more online sales.  Book a call with us and let's figure out how to make your brand shine even brighter.

Writing a product description that truly resonates is like blending art with a good understanding of your shoppers, SEO, and what makes people click that "buy" button. With the right mix, your product won't just sit on a virtual shelf; it'll be the star everyone's talking about. Let’s make that happen together!


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