Hear How Food Founders are Launching Growing & Scaling Their Packaged Food & Beverage Brands

Tune in to hear the journey of food founders at various stages of growth in their business. You'll hear how brands got to where they are right now, what the next level of success looks like for them and the good, bad and ugly of being a food founder. 


Episode 63: PR and Guerilla Marketing to Launch a Brand With Pricklee Cactus Water

Dressing up as a giant cactus wasn’t exactly what food founder Kun Yang thought he’d be doing on his off hours from his day job, but that’s exactly what Kun and his cofounders have been doing to introduce Pricklee Cactus Water to the market.  And it’s been working. Pricklee has gained national coverage, has created the start of a cult following  and is making strides to be the first major player in what they see as the next wave of healthy beverages - Cactus Water. Kun opens up about running a food business with friends, getting uncomfortable to get the word out and how being laser focused has helped them launch and grow Pricklee to a point where he’s ready to quit his day job and go full time in the business.


Episode 62: Building an exclusive brand with Loki

In 4 months 3 friends with unique skills and connections came together to bring Loki, an Enhanced Seltzer to the market. Seeing the rise of hard seltzers and the rise of mind enhancing products, the trio came together to bring the first of its kind to the market. Owning a creative agency by day, Food Founder Harji Singh knows the power of a great brand. And that’s exactly what Loki has focused on from day one when it comes to introducing Loki to the market and growing it across the U.S. Hear how Loki has used the constraints the market has on an enhanced seltzer like theirs to double down on building exclusivity around the brand and introducing the product to people through word of mouth and events.


Episode 61: How alignment, feelings and clarity are driving national growth for Simply Buck

Food Founders Peter and Jason of Simply Buck know what it means to feel aligned. And misaligned. Everything they do inside Simply Buck, a buckwheat based non -dairy milk and gelato brand is guided by how they can feel aligned to their core mission and themselves as founders. By knowing what is and isn’t aligned and trusting the process, the windy entrepreneurship road has led them to many exciting places. And they’re just getting started. Tune in to hear how to lean in when it feels uncomfortable, how to run a food company with a partner and how they’ve been growing throughout Canada case by case all while staying aligned to themselves and their vision.

Learn more about Simply Buck here


Episode 60: Stop Being Vanilla

In this episode, I share what it means to have a ‘vanilla’ brand. Not just in terms of what it looks like visually, but also what it means for your bottom line. I don’t want you to have a vanilla brand. I want you to be the boldest flavor of the bunch...in whatever way makes sense for you and your business. Tune in to learn how to not be a vanilla brand but instead have a brand that stands out and sells more. I share examples of what this really looks like in action including how I did this for my own coffee company and the exercises I take brands through so they can create a bold non-vanilla brand.


Episode 59: Business & life integration with Coastal Coffee

Like many food founders, Ben started Coastal Coffee to have the freedom of being his own boss and creating the life he wanted. Ben’s continued to have his work and life integrated together so he can spend time with his family, support his community and enjoy life while growing his business. In this episode hear how Coastal Coffee has balanced work and life over the years, how they’ve had to pivot the business to overcome the challenges the world has faced in 2020 and 2021, and how new product innovation has brought the business back to its roots while innovating how people enjoy coffee.

Learn more about Coastal Coffee here


Episode 58: Can Your Business Have Purpose & Profit?

When Food Founder Josh started out his business he was looking to make an impact with his business. He didn’t think profit could come along with purpose, but over the years, he’s been able to see how profit and purpose can work together. And when they do work together, the impact can be far greater than either or on their own. Hear how Agricycle is creating profit and purpose and transforming the lives of entire communities and how he’s been flexible in changing the course of the business to bring his bigger vision to life.

Learn more about Agricycle here


Episode 57: From Farming to Packaged Food Company With Family Farmstead A2 Milk

Food Founder Tom McGrath is one of the few American farmers serving up Organic, Grassfed A2 milk to his community. Being a farmer first and packaged food producer second, Tom shares what it’s like breaking into a new category of a very established part of the food industry and how to manage growth and the challenges that come with it.


Learn more about Family Farmstead A2 Milk here.


Episode 56: How to Know When to Keep Pushing Forward With Revolution Gelato

Food Founder Jared Olkin of Revolution Gelato is no stranger to the frozen dessert aisle. His mom owned a scoop shop when he was growing up and much of his youth was spent there. When Jared turned to a plant-based diet, ice cream was naturally one of the first things he wanted to make sure he could enjoy with his new lifestyle. Jared shares the entrepreneurial highs and lows every entrepreneur goes through and opens up about questioning if he was going to keep pushing forward on his dream to bring Revolution Gelato to more people, or to call it quits and move on to something new.

Learn more about Revolution Gelato here.


Episode 55: Preparing for a Successful Food Founder Journey

Like going to any destination, having a plan on how to get there and preparing for the journey makes things a whole lot easier. And more enjoyable too. The journey to having a food brand that sells is no different. There are tools that can make your journey easier and more successful.  Without these tools, it’s like trying to search for a painting on the side of a building without having a flashlight. Impossible, no. Would it be a heck of a lot easier with a flashlight? Of course. This episode is like the flashlight you need to find what it is you’re searching for in the dark so your journey can be so much easier.

One tool I mention in this episode that can make your life a heck of a lot easier is having a Sell Sheet that actually sells your product. 

Get your premade Sell Sheet templates along with a lesson on what to actually put on this important document  for 84% off here.

Get on the waitlist for Food Brands That Sell™ so you can have the ultimate guide to having a food brand that gets on store shelves and flies off of them here 

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Episode 54: Starting a Business to Be More Present For Your Family With Poppy’s Handcrafted Popcorn

Food Founder Ginger Murphy from Poppy’s Handcrafted Popcorn started her business so she could spend more time with her family. She didn’t know the food industry at the beginning and she hadn’t been perfecting her popcorn recipe for years at that point either. What she did know was that she wanted to own a business that would allow her to be there for her family. With that vision, Ginger landed on an idea she felt confident she could bring to life better than anyone else. She didn’t know exactly how to do it at the beginning, but she was vulnerable in asking for help. She was committed to finding the ways to make it work and she surrounded herself with people who wanted to be on the popcorn mission she was on.

7 years later, Poppy’s employs 40 people, is distributed in over 1,000 locations all across North America, and is having record-breaking years. If you’ve ever not been sure where to start, have questioned if you should give up, or wondered what it takes to turn your dream into a reality, Ginger’s story is going to light you up and fill you with inspiration.

Learn more about Poppy’s Handcrafted Popcorn here.


Episode 53: Gelato That’s Good For the Body & The Planet With Sacred Serve

Food Founder Kailey Donewald from Sacred Serve Plant-Based Gelato shares how by first healing herself, she was inspired to help heal others. Sacred Serve intentionally uses the best ingredients to give gelato lovers healing and health benefits inside every scoop. Kailey shares what led to the inspiration behind Sacred Serve, how she had an intentional focus on sustainability and how they were able to launch the first fully sustainable ice cream package. Sacred Serve has grown from an idea to a top recognized plant-based gelato company in under 4 years. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand some of the key factors that lead to its success.

Learn more about Sacred Serve Plant-Based Gelato here www.sacredserve.com


Episode 52: Deciding to Go Big or Stay Small With Tiffinday

For Food Founder Seema Pabari of Tiffinday, success isn’t just about business growth. Success is about giving back to people, the planet and making a profit. Giving back is built right into Tiffinday and it’s making an impact in her local Toronto community.  Seema shares how the business has evolved and changed over the last decade and how she now needs to make the critical decision of going big or staying small.

Learn more about Tiffinday heat & eat stews here https://tiffinday.com/


Episode 51: When to Be Firm vs. When to Be Flexible With Acari Fish

Food Founder Mike Mitchell of Acari Fish didn’t  set out to start a packaged food company. He set out to create jobs, solve an invasive fish problem and educate people about the Devil Fish itself. An upcycled Devil Fish El Diablito Jerky was the result. Mike shares how Acari Fish has stayed laser focused on its ultimate goal of upcycling the invasive Devil Fish to enable farmers and communities to prosper. It has not been a straight path forward for Acari Fish, but still, they continue to move forward with their end goal in mind.

Learn more about Acari Fish here www.acarifish.com


Episode 50: Top 5 Lessons From Food Founders

To celebrate episode 50 of the Food Founders Podcast I’m breaking down the 5 most talked about themes on the show so far. Every episode is loaded with tons of great insights and there’s been a few themes that have emerged that I want to make sure you haven’t overlooked.

Tune in to hear 5 key themes that have come up over the past 50 episodes.

Tune into these past episodes I reference on the podcast that do a great job of showcasing one or more of these 5 themes I break down.


Episode 49: Finding inspiration outside the food industry with Oh My Gum!

Food Founder Malak Ben Hmeda of Oh My GUm! never worked in the food industry before. But, she saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled. A better -for -you, plant based, plastic free gum with a chic brand and lasting taste was nowhere to be found when she wanted one, and so, like every great entrepreneur, she went out and created it herself. Malak shares her secret to quickly being able to navigate the packaged food industry and how she found her brand inspiration outside of the food industry so she could truly disrupt the gum category.

Learn more about Oh My Gum! here www.ohmygum.com


Episode 48: Removing middlemen, giving back and living your mission with Vahdam Tea

Vahdam Tea’s values and brand come across in everything they do. Starting with the supply chain and making its way all the way through its social causes. Food Founder Bala Sarda’s commitment to quality, transparency and enriching the lives of those who enjoy and create Vahdam Teas is apparent across the entire company. Bala shares why having a brand purpose is crucial to success, how to know when to stop what you’re doing and go back to the drawing board and how to make an impact through products.  After hearing Bala’s commitments to impact and quality you’ll understand why Vahdam Teas are one of Oprah’s favorite things and why Ellen DeGeneres and so many others from all walks of life not only enjoy Vahdam Tea, but want to be a part of the mission they’re on.

Learn more about Vahdam Teas here https://www.vahdamteas.com/


Episode 47: Have your brand embody your values with Badass Water Company

For Food Founder Adi Chhabr, finding the right product to win in the market with was a mission he set himself on in 2020. Adi is no stranger to launching companies and brands but this time, he was determined to find the one that allowed his values to shine through and have those values easily connect with consumers across the globe. Adi shares the journey Badass Water Company is on and how they are using unconventional marketing tactics and embodying thinking big to create brand evangelists for their direct to consumer water company. Not only is Badass Water Company a delicious, smooth and refreshing high quality water, it’s empowering people from all walks of life.  We truly are all a badass in some way. Adi shares entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets that have helped him and will surely help any new or experienced food or beverage founder on their unique journey too.


Episode 46: How Forever Brazen is Pioneering Women’s Health

For Food Founder™ Kirsten Karchmer Forever Brazen isn’t just about having great products that provide real results for people. It’s about pioneering a new approach to women’s health all around personalization. Kirsen shares how she’s taken an integrative approach to health to provide products that deliver real (sometimes life changing) results for women in a personalized way. Kirsten shows food founders what it’s like to live your life on purpose, create a brand that makes an impact and how to live your values both inside and outside of your company. Forever Brazen is on a mission to change women’s health and in this episode you see how she’s working to make that possible and what some of the mindset principles are that help her bring such an important goal to life.


Episode 45: 3 reasons you're hearing no from wholesale accounts

Why are you hearing no from wholesale accounts? More importantly, how do you start to hear yes more often.  In this solo episode I share some of the top reasons you aren’t getting listed in stores and how to change that around so you can get on more shelves, in more homes and make more money in your packaged food business.  These reasons aren’t what you always think and if you aren’t hearing as many yeses as you’d like, chances are you might be doing one of these 3 things. 

I’ve created a free guide to help you learn about 10 reasons you’re hearing no and how to hear yes instead. Grab it at www.turnnotoyesguide.com


Episode 44: Raising money, resilience and rebranding with Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill is making upcycling easier. For consumers, for suppliers and for the entire upcycle community. Food Founder Caroline Cotto shares how Renewal Mill has worked to not only sell a product to consumers, but also to other manufacturers who can use the product as an ingredient. As the company has grown its focus has shifted to new branding, raising capital and expanding the team’s overall mindset and goals. 


Episode 43: The different stages of growth with Jennifer's Homemade

Ever wondered “how on earth do I get from being a small scale producer to being in 1,000+ stores all across the country?”. Hear Food Founder Jennifer Behar from Jennifer’s Homemade share how she went from taking a family favo(ur)rite recipe to the masses. Jennifer shares what success and struggle look like at different stages of the journey and how she’s been able to stay grounded throughout it all as she continues to grow Jennifer’s Homemade. 


Episode 42: How passion & patience helped launch upcycled soda brand Up To Good Energy

Food Founder™ Lars Oltmanns is no stranger to the food industry. But, the inspiration for Up to Good Energy came from someone with far less experience in the food world; Lars’ young son. After being reminded how important sustainability is for our planet and our future, Lars created Up to Good Energy, an upcycled better for you sustainable clean energy beverage. Lars opens up about the early setbacks he experienced trying to launch in 2020 and his current launch plan as he officially brings Up To Good Energy to the market in winter of 2021.


Episode 41: Why your brand needs an enemy

If you want your band to stand out, it needs to do so boldly. And having an enemy is part of that. By having a clear enemy to your brand (and this does NOT mean calling other brands out) you can highlight to your consumers and retailers why you are the solution they’re looking for.  Even the most gentle, loving and inclusive brand needs an enemy (and can easily call theirs out in a way that’s on brand for them too). 


If you want to build a food brand that stands out, sells more and turns your customers into advocates, I want to invite you to join Food Brands That Sell™ while it’s open. My signature program walks you through my tried and tested framework that will help you build a food brand you, consumers and retailers love and gives you a framework to navigate the packaged food industry.


Episode 40: Doubling down on local to drive growth with Pat's Granola

Pat’s Granola started like so many others. A mother saw the need to sustain her family as they were on the go needing something healthy, delicious and portable. Years later, that desire to nurture led to not only feeding Pat’s family, but today, it means Pat’s Granola can feed families across Ohio and the entire country. Pat has focused on getting her brand to connect locally and connect with the right people for her business. This focus has led to new and exciting opportunities, has led to growth of her brand and has allowed Pat to see what her family always saw was possible from her. 


Pat’s Granola is a story that proves it’s never too late to start, you don’t need to be everywhere, but instead you can win using the power of focus and it's a story of positivity and possibility.


Episode 39: Know your numbers, charge more and work less with Canele Gourmet

When Maile posted for design help on Craigslist, she never thought she’d get someone who could help her make sense of the finances, become her business partner and life partner. Canele Gourmet seemed busy and ‘successful’ on the outside, but after her new found business partner Percy looked at what was really going on inside the business, it became apparent to them both, the business wasn’t making very much money and the way things were going, it wouldn’t be sustainable for much longer. 


Percy developed a system to help Canele Gourmet get a hold of its finances, charge more, work less and truly become financially successful in the business. This episode is for you if you don’t think you’re good with numbers but want to find an easy way to get ahold of them and if you want to learn how to grow by working less in your business.


Episode 37: Standing for more than just your product with Ryze Mushroom coffee

Food Founder Andrée Werner & her cofounder launched their direct to consumer Mushroom Coffee Blend, Ryze  at the beginning of 2020, not even knowing how much people would need what their product and their brand stands for. Health and mindfulness are at the heart of this company, two things consumers are looking for more and more. Hear how Ryze has bootstrapped their way into the growing mushroom coffee market and why they have integrated a text based journaling app into their business.


Episode 36: Boreal Botanicals on why your food is only one piece of your success

Food Founders Andreas & Mike from Boreal Botanicals share how they’ve launched and grown their medicinal mushroom, sparkling beverage company. Born out of a love of everything fungi and  looking for a replacement to alcohol, the two brought together their complimentary skills of food development and marketing to bring this brand to life. It took two years of building the brand and the business behind the scenes on the side. In that time they were able to develop a clean, functional beverage they feel great about, get national listings online and instore across Canada, including in Whole Foods,  and they’re now looking to quickly expand into America.


Episode 35: My unconventional approach to year end reviews and 2021 planning

In this solo episode I share my unconventional approach to year end reviews and future planning. For me, this includes really looking at what happened this past year to help me see just how far I’ve come and identify who I was being to hit the milestones I’ve been proud of and that have helped me grow. From here, I’m then able to see what I want to accomplish in the year to come in all areas of my life and define who I need to be to make that happen.


This is not a business only review and plan. This is a life and business review and plan because the two are connected. And who you are being in one area, shows up in other areas too. Make sure not to just go through this episode, but really, do the work laid out in this episode. Feel free to tag me while you’re working on your review over on Instagram @ainsleymoir. I love to see what you’re working on to help you grow into the food founder you are destined to be.


Episode 34: Dietician turned functional food founder

Ladybird Provisions began between two friends and one great idea. Hear food founder Sarah Rious share how two female co-founders launched a new type of product to a category while being a mom or a mom in the making at that.


Episode 33: How Form Nutrition has their values drive their business

Food Founders Natalia Bojanic from Form Nutrition shares how having strong values built into the business has allowed them to make an impact and grow.  This plant based supplement company truly has their brand lead every aspect of their business including, being a certified B Corporation, giving back to causes they believe in, removing plastic from their products, using only the best ingredients and deciding who to work with and how to grow. Natalia shares how intentionally having your brand bleed into everything you do makes business easier without sacrificing growth or the impact you want to make as a founder.


Episode 32: How an aligned brand brings more sales, ease & joy with Black Sheep Teas

Food Founder Renee Kaylor shares how she’s intentionally built her artisanal, handcrafted tea brand to align to her values and how by doing so, everything has become easier in her business. Renee opens up about how sales became easier and how she found more joy in what she was doing once she got clear about her brand and how to have that consistently show up in the world. Renee talks about how she’s found a way to not have to push so much in her business, but instead, create space for what’s possible. If you’re wondering how to have a brand that’s aligned with your values and how find more joy in what you’re doing, you’re going to love Renee’s story.


Episode 31: 5 Pillars to Food Brands That Sell

People don’t buy products. They buy brands. In this episode I share with you my Food Brands That Sell™ Success Map so you can build a brand and not just a product. This is the formula I use to build brands that sell and in this solo episode I’m going to walk you through the 5 Pillars to having a Food Brand That Sell™. I also share with you my answer to when people reach out asking for me to look at their packaging wanting feedback on their brand and why your visual brand is the final piece of your brand strategy puzzle. If you are new to creating a food brand, or are not having the success you know your product deserves, this episode will give you clarity on what’s missing as you’ve been building your business and your brand and what to do next about it.


Episode 30: How a new brand look made selling a whole lot easier

Mother & Daughter team at Pure Batch share how a lifestyle brand was born out of a changed diet following breast cancer survival.

Food Founders Angela Millin & Mamma Millin not only make delicious treats you can enjoy completely guilt free, they also continuously make lemonade out of lemons. This mother and daughter team share how they manage running a business together, how 2020 has forced them to change how they go to market and how growing the brand became easier than ever with a refreshed lifestyle brand look.


Episode 29: Not taking no for an answer, finding aligned partners and running business with your spouse

For husband and wife team Tim & Sue Kraus from Mammoth Creameries they couldn’t imagine running a business with anyone other than your spouse. The two share how blind trust in each other and in others has led them to work successfully together, bring on the right people to help them grow and push through even the most challenging times. What started as a kitchen recipe as a result of type 1 diabetes now lines store shelves in every state in the country - bringing the cleanest label ice cream to everyone who’s in search of it. Mammoth Creameries share how a clean product with a mission and a passionate team can not only change the lives of its founders, but of people who can enjoy the product from across the country too.


Episode 28: Resourcefulness, Passion and Purpose to Fuel Growth

After finding herself overworked and overstressed, Food Founder Megan Riggs quit her ‘good on paper’ job to discover what she really wanted to do. What first led to a juice company eventually led to the creation of Crunchy Hydration, a line of function beverages to help calm and energize you, using ancient principles and adaptogen ingredients.

Megan shares how sharing her story and the mission she is on has helped her find comanufacturing partners, lead to sales and has allowed her to live her purpose. You’ll also hear how Megan stays balanced and grounded while still going all in on her business.


Episode 27: Launch a product to solve your own problem

Food Founder™ Renee Volchko shares how her regular life of adventure and aiming to eat healthy led to the birth of the idea for Super Salad Bar™. Numerous prototypes later, she went to market with something that is transforming the bar category.

Renee shares how she’s worked over the years to flex her creativity muscle to help her evaluate good ideas from not so great ones and what eventually led her to go all in on Super Salad Bar. She also shares how being open has led to much of her success and I highlight what I think one of her other super powers as a food founder is.


Episode 26: 3 reasons to focus on branding before sales

In this solo episode I share 3 big reasons to focus on branding if you want to drive more sales for your business. Your brand will help you get on your dream retailers shelves and fly right off of them and this episode will show you how and why to do that. If you have a great product but have been going to market with JFN branding, tune in to see why branding is the solution to your sales problem.


Episode 25: Using your food product for a larger purpose

Your product can do more than just feed people. It can inform people, bring people together and educate them about causes and give them hope. Hear Food Founder Melis from Ruya share how she’s using the power of coffee and chocolate to educate people about different cultures and inspire people to live the great American dream.


Episode 24: Building a food business with friends

Hear how Food Founder Chris from Hot Sauce for Everyone has managed growing slowly, steadily and thoughtfully with friends. Chris shares how the company has managed to gain loyal fans, build a look and feel people are drawn to and how they’ve been able to understand who their brand is and isn’t. Chris shares how a group of friends came together to build a food company where everyone can lean into their strengths to make the entire business stronger as a whole. 


Episode 23: What makes decision making easier

Food Founder Matt from Matt & Steve’s shares how two young bartenders wanted to make a beloved Canadian drink even better. He shares how they went coast to coast showcasing to potential customers how their product was better than what they were currently using. The company has not only revolutionized the way consumers enjoy this Canadian classic drink, they’ve also continued to bring line extensions to support their mission. 

Hear what’s made decision making easier for the company and how they’ve continued to grow sustainably over the years. 


Episode 22: The advantages of being a small food business

When your product is bigger than you, it’s incredible what you can accomplish. Hear Food Founder Lisa of Kuli Kuli share how her desire to help a community in Africa led her to start Kuli Kuli. It wasn’t an overnight business. And it took her day job boss to push her out of the nest to go full time into the business. But now, it’s lining grocery store shelves and opening up the entire Moringa market. 


Episode 21: Refreshing an outdated category 

Ideas come from anywhere. In this case, it came from being stuck in an airport. Hear from Food Founder Alisha of Kindroot on how she saw the need for her Adaptogem product in the tired lozenge market. Alisha shares how her brand has been at the heart of her business and how that’s led to lifestyle retailers reaching out to her in an unsuspecting way to list the Kindroot products in their stores. 


Episode 20: Is the future of food under the sea?

Food Founder CBM is revolutionizing our food system through Kelp. Not only does this superfood do wonders for the body, it does wonders for the planet and those involved in the supply chain too. Hear how Akua used crowdfunding to not only finance their growth, but also create a loyal fan base of Kelpers. Creating a new category of food products isn’t easy, but it sure can be worth it, especially when it’s for a brighter food future. Hear how Akua is doing just that.


Episode 19: Lessons from 40+ years in the food industry

This food founder story starts in a candy factory. Moves into an airstream and now is in every natural food store you know. 

Food Founder Joel from Edward & Sons shares his 40+ year journey in the food industry. Joel shares what led to his decision to not manufacture products, but instead import and market them under a trusted family brand. In this podcast we talk about how to ride the waves of the food and beverage industry, how to keep putting out products you believe in and a different approach to looking at growth.


Episode 18: Mindset of a Food Founder

Being a pastry chef and not having a business degree, the food part came easy. Finding mentors, learning from other food founders, taking time outside of the business, and some good old fashioned hustle DNA has helped the Empowered Cookie stay the course as they’ve grown the business. 

Food Founder Natalia Barr shares the journey of what it’s been like to launch in the competitive better for you cookie industry. We dive into the lessons she’s learnt along the way and what keeps her motivated, focused and on track in the good times and the tough times as she grow her food company. 

Natalia shares why delegating, hiring for what you don’t know and surrounding yourself with the right people can help you fast track your food business success.


Episode 17: Relaunch and revamp your product until it sticks

The idea came in the midst of a marathon. 10 years later, the company has gone through numerous different names and product lines, always delivering on the idea of personalized nutrition 

Food Founder Mark Yount of My Match shares the journey of how the company has had a number of different products over the years all to support the same big vision of personalized nutrition. Mark shares how by being rigid in some areas and flexible in others, they’ve been able to continue to grow and evolve to deliver what the market wants. 

In this episode you’ll be reminded food business success is not a straight line forward, but instead a windy road, driven by the market, retailers, competition and consumers. 


Episode 16: 300% year over year growth with sustainability at the heart of it all

Food Founder Bella Hughes shares how Shaka Tea has been able to grow their business, focus on sustainability and still offer a better for you, delicious and affordable beverage for all.

Bella shares how she was able to bring the Hawaii native plant of mamaki to the masses through Shaka Tea and what the early stages of the company looked like. Before there was national distribution. Before there were investors. Just a family that wanted to bring the nutritious and delicious mamaki tea leaf to America.


Episode 15: BMS approach to successful food businesses

This solo episode shares Ainsley's BMS Approach to launching, growing and scaling food and beverage companies. Ainsley shares how this approach to running a food company is what many brands overlook and as a result, their businesses don't reach the heights they want.

Success leaves clues and Ainsley points you to some of these clues in this final episode of Season 1 of the Food Founders Podcast.


Episode 14: 5th generation maple farmers bring innovation to the beverage category

Food Founder Chas Smith from SAP! Beverages shares how a family tradition of serving maple to the Vermont region eventually led them to being featured on Shark Tank and lining Whole Foods shelves. Hear this found founder story of how a family business grew and evolved over the years and how the company stayed tapped in to what consumer's wanted and needed.


Episode 13: Gain a loyal following in a niche market

Food Founder Steven Williams from TranzFuse shares how they've niched down to own a unique segment of the hydration space and how they've put a stake in the ground around why they're better than all the other hydration alternatives. Steve shares great advice for food founders who are looking to compete in a competitive industry, how to work on owning a niche and how to grow a beverage brand.


Episode 12: How this food company runs 100% on solar power

Hear Food Founder Sabine Schoenknecht from Lucky Bee Homestead share how they've been able to run their business through the use of 100% solar energy, how they delight customers with a wide range of skus and why you should always chase your dreams.


Episode 11: Restaurant recipe to lining grocery store shelves

Food Founder Mariam Elghani shares the journey of how Garlic Goodness went from a beloved dip at her family's restaurant to now lining grocery store shelves. Mariam opens up about how she's managing growth and distribution and how she's learned to not focus on serving everyone with her product, but instead, focus on those who she knows loves it.


Episode 10: Why being nimble is key to your success with Lumen

Hear Food Founder Yasir Hashim from Lumen share how this company has constantly stayed plugged into what their customers want, how they've had to pivot their products and their launches and how they're creating a whole new category in the wellness beverage space.

Lumen talks about some core elements that lead to successful food founders and gives advice that will help your business grow no matter what stage you're at.


Episode 9: Start before you're ready with Georgian Bay Spirits

Hear Food Founder Tim Keenleyside from Georgian Bay Spirits share the journey of how he went from having an idea for a brand to pitching it before it was ready. Tim shares how Georgian Bay Spirits has been able to grow by surrounding themselves with great people and how a single piece of PR lead to the brand going viral.


Episode 8: Starting for the right reasons

Food Founder Kamlesh Korat shares the early stages of growth for Munchy Pops. He dives into why starting for the right reasons is so important and how they're managing production and growth right now.


Episode 7: Turning problems into profits with MilkBliss

Hear Food Founder Jessica Ciraulo from MilkBliss share how by solving a need in her own life, she was able to create a product and a brand that helps moms all across the country. Jessica shares what's helped her grow her business and what's up next for this growing company.


Episode 6: Moving from natural to mainstream with Nud Fud

Hear Food Founder Julia Cirouac share how Nud Fud has moved from the natural to mainstream grocery channel, and what she wishes she'd done earlier in her food founder journey.


Episode 5: How Ugly Drinks is disrupting the beverage industry

Food Founder Hugh Thomas shares how Ugly Drinks is disrupting the largest sectors of the beverage industry. Hear how they've managed becoming an international beverage brand, how they've deeply connect with consumers every step of the way and how purpose fuels everything they do.


Episode 4: Surrounding yourself with the right people with Nine Spoons Soups

Food Founders Jennifer Ferone & Joe Becker share how they're bringing a family recipe to market through Nine Spoons Soups. Hear how they got early traction from retailers, what partnerships helped them grow and who they have been as a team to bring this delicious tasting product into a full scale business.


Episode 3: Why cash is king when you're growing your food business with Snooze

Hear Rick Ross from Snoooze share how the company is revolutionizing the sleep industry and what they're doing to manage their growth and profitability. From constantly testing the product with consumers, to delivering it in the package that delivers on the brand message, Snoooze is building not just a product but a whole new category.


Episode 2: How leading with heart took Mother Raw from 300 to 5,500 stores in 3 years

Leading with heart is at the core of how Kristi Knowles has led the growth of Mother Raw. Through her leadership, this small and nimble team has been able to build a breakthrough brand and grow from 300-5,500 stores in 3 short years. Hear the challenges they've had to overcome to reach this growth and how they're managing this next phase of growth.


Episode 1: The key to product success? Get early feedback with Eat Nice Foods

Paul Cantagallio shares the Food Founder journey of Eat Nice Foods and how they're bringing flexitarian families together for meal time. Hear how Eat Nice Foods got early feedback from consumers that lead to a winning product formula and how they're tackling the next stage of business growth - raising capital.


Episode 0: Welcome to the Food Founders Podcast

Welcome to the Food Founders Podcast! In this episode you'll hear why this is THE podcast for packaged food and beverage companies that want to launch, grow or scale their brand. You'll hear why the show was started, some background about your host, Ainsley Moir and what to expect from upcoming episodes.