Bridging the Gap Between Your Food Dream and Reality

In the whirlwind journey of running a packaged food business, you're likely to encounter more than a few bumps along the road. As someone who's walked this path, I understand the challenges - and the opportunities - that come with the territory.

Hi there, fellow food enthusiast. I'm Ainsley, the proud founder of the Healthy Food & Beverage Group. My journey through the food industry has seen me manage major packaged food companies across North America, launch my own beverage business, and support countless emerging brands in carving their niche. Each experience has been a lesson in what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to building a thriving packaged food business.

The Healthy Food & Beverage Group is a testament to these lessons, born out of a desire to support driven food founders like you in leaving a distinctive footprint on the packaged food industry. We're here to help you build the food business of your dreams.


Creating Success Stories, One Food Brand at a Time

Your product is delicious - you know it, and we believe it. But turning that tasty offering into a successful venture that graces store shelves and homes across the country, and provides you with a steady income? That's the tricky part. And it's precisely where we step in.

At the Healthy Food & Beverage Group, we're all about strategic solutions that set your product up for success. Every initiative we undertake is rooted in a robust strategy aimed at getting your product into stores, into homes, and into the hearts of consumers while boosting your bottom line.

Meet Your Guide to Success

Leading our dynamic team is me, Ainsley Moir, a packaged food industry veteran with 15 years of experience under my belt. I've grown Fortune 500 food and beverage brands, run my own beverage company, and played a key role in launching and expanding dozens of emerging food and beverage brands.

Drawing from the insights gained from both big food brands and small food startups, we strike the perfect balance to deliver strategies that truly work. Our mission is to bring your food dreams to life - all while helping you navigate the complex landscape of the food and beverage industry.

Join us in building the food business you've always envisioned. With the Healthy Food & Beverage Group, your brand is set for an exciting journey to success.

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