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Let’s build & grow your packaged food or beverage business

Are you a driven food business that wants to see a healthier food future?

This doesn't mean your product needs to be Certified Organic, Fair Trade, High Protein, Gluten Free, Keto or any other specific health claim. While we love these companies, what we care more about are companies that simply want to make tomorrow's food industry better than it is today.

If that's your jam too, you're in the right place

We work with new and already established healthy food or beverage companies to build their brand, grow their sales and make an impact on the food industry.

The grocery store is cluttered. And so is your shopper's mind. That's why it's more important than ever to create a compelling brand that stands out to your audience so you can sell more and turn your customers into advocates.
That's exactly what we work with companies to do. The Healthy Food & Beverage Group was founded by Ainsley Moir, a packaged food & beverage leader who after building Fortune 500 brands for 10+ years wanted to share her deep food & beverage marketing, sales and strategy knowledge exclusively with companies who are working to make the food industry better.

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How I can help you grow your packaged food or beverage business

"Ainsley is great at what she does and has surpassed our expectations. We can't recommend her enough for a start up or small business looking to take their business to the next level."

Matt Sedlacek
Founder & President, Leafside

"Ainsley is not only a food biz guru, but she is also a mentor for new food brands. Her Food Brands that Sell Program is structured in a digestible 6-week program, and offers a very comprehensive overview of the food business landscape. Her one-on-one guidance throughout the course made the experience feel very personalized and tailored to my food business. What impressed me the most is that Ainsley personally supports food brands on social media, which shows her genuine care to help new food brands succeed. I am so happy I made the decision to work with Ainsley."

Founder, Seed & Shell

"Since working with Ainsley I have experienced huge brand growth along with personal growth. The personal growth was essential to leading my brand along the best path forward. Her guidance, knowledge and amazing questions reignited my original passion, which was there during brand creation but had become somewhat buried under all the responsibilities of running a small business. Getting crystal clear on what my brand was really all about completely catapulted my sales. The best money I have ever spent to develop my brand was, without a doubt, with Ainsley."

Renee Kaylor
Founder, Black Sheep Teas

"We have been working with Ainsley on many aspects of our business MilkBliss for several months now, and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I have always advocated for seeking coaching, business advice, and mentorship anywhere you can get it. I believe working with a coach to be an invaluable piece of the entrepreneurial journey. For my business partner and I, getting into the CPG space has been full of new experiences. It is a challenging landscape to navigate, and we need help from partners with experience. I was lucky enough to come across Ainsley a few months ago, and immediately planned to meet her to discuss ways she could help us move forward. In the past few months we have accomplished so much. Her tools, templates, connections and advice have been truly transformative. As we look ahead our future is bright and with the right partners all we can see is growth."

Jessica Ciraulo
Co-founder and CEO, MilkBliss

"Working with Ainsley was an absolute pleasure. She was able to quickly help us identify our brand's purpose and what we stand for and we are able to use that to guide us through the next year of journey. Ainsley gave us a clear path forward along with valuable industry insight as to how to achieve our goals. We are certainly looking forward to continuing our work with her and would absolutely recommend her services and expertise."


"Ainsley Moir offers Food Brands That Sell, a highly structured program with excellent content, Committing to do this program is an investment in building a food brand that is strong and sustainable. The program is a roadmap to helping businesses do the critical work of not only conveying what their brands are, but who the maker is and how that is critically important to being successful."

Pat Bennett
President and Founder, Pat’s Granola

Meet Ainsley  

Ainsley Moir is a packaged food expert, author and strategist who helps food companies strengthen their brand and their business so they can get onto more shelves and into more homes.

After spending a decade building the most iconic packaged food brands in North America, Ainsley launched her own packaged food company and then began teaching others how to create a powerful food brand and run a profitable business. 

Ainsley knows the success of your food company isn't just about getting on more shelves, or getting more social media followers. Your success is based on how you run your food company across everything you do. 

Ainsley marries her multi-million big food business expertise, with her start up experience and collaborative powers to teach growing and emerging packaged food  & beverage companies how to build the food business they've been dreaming of. 


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