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For food founders who have a great product, are ready for more growth and are tired of trying to figure it out all on their own


You started your food business because you saw a gap in the market. A gap that your great tasting product could fill. The more you get into turning this idea into a business, the more you realize, there's just so much more to building a successful food business than having a great tasting product.


Even though you’ve never run a food business before you’re committed to making this work. You just don’t know how all the pieces come together just yet. And while you can (and have) spent hours searching all over the internet, listening to podcasts and reading books to piece together strategies and tips to get your food business off the ground, it’s exhausting.  And you can’t help but keep questioning yourself "Am I doing this right?..."Am I missing something?” 


What if you didn't have to figure it all out on your own? What if you had a proven blueprint, 16 years of food and beverage expertise, and a supportive community of like-minded food founders by your side?

Imagine having all the tools and resources you need to make your food business a success, without the stress and uncertainty of trying to do it all alone. With the combination of your amazing product and ambition paired with 16 years of food industry experience, a proven success system and a winning community at your fingertips, your journey to store shelves and people's homes isn't just smoother it can reach whole new heights. 

No more endless hours of research, trying to figure things out on your own, and second-guessing your decisions.  Instead, what if you had expert guidance, a proven blueprint and a community to lean on to fast track the growth of your food business?  


I N T R O D U C I N G    T H E

Food Founder® Inner Circle 

6 months of  proven strategies, easy to follow systems and life changing support to help you get your product to more people fast!


  Learn how to have stores consistently say yes to carrying your product, get set up for success online, price your product for profitability, and get complete strangers to fall in love with your brand.

You'll also gain a community of like-minded food founders who support each other and share their learnings. With live coaching calls, a private online group, and ongoing accountability, you'll never feel alone or uncertain in your business again. 

 Inside Food Founder® Inner Circle you’re completely supported to grow your great tasting product into a profitable, growing and sustainable food business. 


As a member of the Food Founder® Inner Circle, you have access to:

  • Experience Personalized Guidance: Benefit from 6 months of custom-tailored support, live Q&A sessions, monthly expert training, and planning & review sessions. Watch your business flourish under the nurturing hand of seasoned experts.

  • Build Powerful Connections: Immerse yourself in our private Food Founder community. Benefit from ongoing accountability, forge meaningful business relationships, and collaborate to ignite your collective success.

  • Follow a Proven Path: Utilize our comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint to build a revolutionary food brand. Secure coveted shelf space, win the hearts of customers, and price your products for ultimate profitability.

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Learn from 24 video lessons meticulously covering all essentials of the food business. Arm yourself with industry-specific knowledge to propel your business growth.

  • Save Time and Focus on Growth: Benefit from time-saving templates and frameworks custom-tailored for the food industry. Cut through the complexity and focus on what matters most – your business's growth.


Imagine running your business where you...


Confidently navigate the food industry, secure coveted shelf space in more stores, and captivate devoted customers who can't resist your products.

Master your financial figures, empowering you to grow your business, reinvest in your success, and reward yourself with a substantial income.

Set yourself apart from competitors and establish a brand that resonates deeply with consumers and retailers alike.

Concentrate on strategies and tactics that genuinely foster growth, rather than squandering time on activities that fail to make an impact.


This is your future inside the Food Founder® Inner Circle! 


Here's What's Yours When You Join the Food Founder® Inner Circle

6 Months of High Touch Group Support to Elevate Your Business

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: In-Depth Monthly Training Sessions to Fuel Your Competitive Edge
  • No More Guesswork: Monthly Q&A Sessions and Make Informed Business Decisions with Confidence
  • Map Your Success: Participate in Monthly Business Review and Planning Sessions
  • Connect and Collaborate: Immerse Yourself in our Private Food Founder Community
  • Commit to Win: Experience Ongoing Accountability for Unstoppable Success

Food Brands That Sell Self Study Course (yours forever)

  • A proven, easy to follow blueprint to know exactly how to build a breakthrough food brand, how to get into stores, how to get shoppers to buy your product and how to price your product for profitability 

  • 24 video lessons  walking you through exactly what to do to grow your food business  

  • Time saving templates and framework  specifically for the food industry so you can stop second guess the numbers in your food business 

  • Download and input your information to keep you moving faster


W H E N    Y O U    J O I N    T O D A Y

Unlock Store Access Easier with High-Impact, Customizable Sell Sheets Templates

Stand Out, Sell More & Turn Buyers Into Advocates With Branding Beyond Logos the book

Customized Brand Review 

Brand Strategy Checklist 






6 Monthly Payments of $415

Pay In Full (save $490)
6 Monthly Payments

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R E A L    R E S U L T S    F R O M

Food Founders Just Like You 







6 Monthly Payments $415

Pay In Full (save $490)
6 Monthly Payments

Prices in USD



I'm Ainsley


I’ve been launching, growing and scaling packaged food and beverage brands all across North America for 16 years.

The first decade of my career was spent working in branding and sales for the most successful food and beverage brands in the world (Coca-Cola, Campbell's Soup, Ben & Jerry's, Vitamin Water, V8 Juice to name a few). Seeing first hand the power of building a brand, and not just a product, I decided to launch my own beverage brand and start helping companies I believe in build their own brand too so they could really make the difference they were looking to make.

 As I started helping more new and emerging food founders launch & grow their business I saw the passion and heart behind why so many people decided to start their business. I also saw, that most of these founders had no idea how the food industry worked, weren’t clearly standing out from their competitors, were working all day long in their business and barely making any money.

That’s why I started Food Founder® Inner Circle. The proven Food Brands That Sell Framework helps food founders feel confident about how to navigate the food industry, grow their business and create a lasting brand behind it.

I don’t call myself a Food Brand Strategist & CPG Expert just because I figured out how to get listed in a few stores or know what looks appealing on shelf.

I’ve managed Fortune 100 multi million dollar brands and understand how to really be a brand owner that can connect with shoppers, get listed in stores, get picked up off of store shelves and make money all along the way.  

I’ve been in your shoes and had my own beverage brand

I’ve helped hundreds of food brands grow their business, get into more stores, understand the packaged food landscape, and feel more confident in their business

I’m the author of Branding Beyond Logos - the easy-to-follow book that lays out exactly how to have a brand that stands out and sell mores.



I S    T H E    B E S T    T I M E    T O    J O I N


I’m going to be really honest here. I talk to dozens of food founders every month who have great tasting product and are just stuck with how to actually grow their business.  Some of them are just starting out, with the idea but don't know where to go next and they’re completely overwhelmed with all the things they need to do and they don’t know what to do next and are tired of just searching the internet for answers. 


Others have been in business for years and yet, they still struggle to have this be a reliable source of income for them and their family. And I know it’s not for a lack of trying! 


I’m tired of seeing food founders struggle for far longer than they need to, waste money on things they don't need and waste their time going in circles trying to figure things out on their own and feeling like they have all these decisions to make, no one to bounce them off and they’re stuck. They know they want to bring your business to life but you just aren’t sure. 


Retailers and shoppers really do want a food brand like yours, we just need to get this to them. And that’s what I help food founders do because they really don’t have time to waste or money to waste. 


With the food industry changing rapidly right now, there really isn’t time to just ‘wing it’ 


If you don’t want to try and figure it out all on your own, don't want to waste the time and money to get your product in stores and instead want to replace and then surpass your day job income, then getting proven strategies to scale a food brand, a supportive food founder community and systems to help you save hundreds of hours is your best bet in 2023 and beyond. 


Don’t let the economy and supply chain issues impact your food business.


Get the support you've been looking for inside the Food Founder® Inner Circle


Because here’s the thing if you don’t figure it out, someone else is going to get that shelf space! Someone else is going to buy a product that isn’t good for them. Someone else is going to be out there wondering ‘omg I wish a product like this existed’ 



Discover the secrets to skyrocketing your product sales by unlocking these powerful strategies:

  • Master the art of captivating retailers, ensuring they not only respond to your calls and emails, but also eagerly say YES to stocking your product on their shelves.
  • Unveil the perfect pricing formula that allows you to not just scrape by, but also reinvest in your business, pay yourself a comfortable living wage, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Learn how to create irresistible product appeal, making complete strangers exclaim, "OMG, I need this product! Where has it been all my life?" and turning them into loyal, repeat customers.
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace by implementing innovative techniques that enable potential customers to easily discover your product among a sea of competitors.


Food Founder® Inner Circle 


 Unlock Success with Half a Year of Live Coaching: Experience Real-time Guidance to Propel Your Business Growth

Join a Collaborative Network: Gain Inspiration and Support from Like-Minded Food Founders to Enhance Your Business Journey

Deep Dive into 24 Comprehensive Training Modules: Learn from Proven Food Brand Strategies to Fast-track Your Success

✔ Access a Wealth of Tools, Templates, and Resources: Save Hundreds of Hours and Optimize Your Business Efficiency

Get Exclusive Access to our Private Community Group: Benefit from Daily Feedback to Refine Your Strategies and Propel Your Progress

The Food Founder® Inner Circle


✔ Saves you thousands of dollars from not making costly mistakes 

✔ Accelerates your business growth with greater ease than going it alone

✔ Lets you to fast-track your food business success with expert guidance and support

✔ Saves you countless hours of frustration and searching for the right steps to success






6 Monthly Payments of $415

Pay In Full (Save $490)
6 Monthly Payments

Prices in USD









6 Monthly Payments of $415

Pay In Full (Save $490)
6 Monthly Payments

Prices in USD




DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are my personal results and the results of my clients. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having gone through much training, trial, and error for years, and have an established following and history as a result. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS TRAINING. By submitting your personal information on any of the and webpages, you are authorizing our company to send you informational and promotional messages via email, phone calls, and text messages.