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Food Business Consulting & Workshops

For food & beverage businesses looking to have a packaged food business expert help them launch or grow. You build the product and focus on operations and I’ll make sure you have a product people want to buy, a brand stores and shoppers will pick up and a marketing and sales plan to help you reach your financial and business goals. Whether you’re thinking of launching, are looking to reposition your brand in the market or are looking for growth strategies to help you reach your goals, I can help.

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Food Brands That Sell™ Program

If there was an MBA program on building a successful packaged food business, this would be it. Inside Food Brands That Sell™ you’ll learn how to build a food brand people can’t wait to buy and stores can’t wait to carry. I give you the behind the scenes look at how the food industry really works and how to succeed inside it. If you know you have a great product but aren’t sure how to bring it to life to make it an actual business that makes you the money you want, this is for you. After going through Food Brands That Sell you’ll have the confidence you need to know your food business won’t just be an expensive hobby, but will be a real food business that makes you money and makes an impact. 

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Ongoing Advisory

For food & beverage businesses that want to stop trying to figure everything out on their own and instead want a packaged food expert on their side so they can go further faster in their business. In our regular meetings you’ll get consultation on the most important elements your business needs, resources to help you grow and most of all guidance on how to reach your specific goals.

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