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Ultimate Sell Sheet Creation Kit

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Hear "YES" from stores your product is perfect for with a beautifully laid out and thought out sell sheet that actually sells your product   

Know exactly what to put on your sell sheet and how to lay it out with done for you print ready Canva sell sheets designed to make getting listed in stores easier and faster. No more spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to have your sell sheet designed. No more not knowing what to include on your sell sheet and no more waiting to introduce your product to stores right now! 


Have your sell sheet ready to send to stores this time tomorrow!

This Is For You If You…

Have a packaged food or beverage product you want to sell into stores online or offline

Want to  know exactly what to put on your sell sheet to make stores see why they need to carry your product

Want to save hours of time trying to design a sell sheet when you’re not a designer anyway

Want to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not hiring a graphic designer

Have never designed a sell sheet or heck, don’t even know what a sell sheet even is!

Show stores how amazing your product is and why they should sell it

Your Customizable Sell Sheet Canva Templates

Feel Confident

Know exactly what to include on your sell sheet and where

Save Money

No more paying hundreds of dollars for a well designed sell sheet

Get Listed Faster & Easier

Give stores the information they need in an easy to read eye catching format

Save Time

No more spending hours trying to design a sell sheet that looks great

Stand Out

Make the great first impression you want to make with wholesale accounts

Accelerate Your Success

Make growing your business easier, faster and less expensive

"Saved me HUNDREDS of dollars and let me confidently know I was putting the RIGHT things on my sell sheet! Absolutely amazing."

- Allison C.









How It Works


Get instant access to a PDF file that contains the direct links to your Canva templates,


Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.

Export & Share

Share your sunning and compelling sell sheet with wholesale buyers ready to list your product!

You wish there was a faster and easier way to have a sell sheet that looks great and gives store managers and buyers exactly the information they’re looking for...


...without spending hours of time or hundreds of dollars. Now you can…

❌ Stop wasting precious hours staring at a blank screen. Designing from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming.


❌ Skip the learning curve. No more wasting days or weeks trying to figure out how Photoshop works.

❌ Save the frustration. Trying to come up with a beautiful design for your content can be a frustrating chore.


❌ Save your money. No more hiring expensive graphic designers.

Customize to Match your Brand

Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.


You Want to Create A Beautiful and Compelling Sell Sheet To Make Getting Sold Into Stores Easier BUT…

 You don’t even know what should be on a sell sheet anyway!

 You don’t have the time or skills to design a well thought out sell sheet you know you need

 You don’t have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend hiring a designer who may or may not know what to put on a sell sheet anyway!

 You NEED to get your product into more stores asap!

It’s easy to customize in Canva!

ZERO graphic skills needed.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

After purchasing the templates, all you need to do is create a Canva account either on your mobile device or computer. There, you will be able to access all of the Canva templates you purchased and edit them right away

Don’t worry. We’ve labeled each section of the sell sheet template so you’ll know exactly what information to put where.

No paid Canva subscription is required. In fact, the template will work with both free and Canva pro accounts. All you need to do is create a FREE account on and you’re all set.

Everything. Use your brand colo(u)rs, fonts and messaging to make this your unique, compelling and on brand sell sheet.


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