Your blueprint to build and grow a successful packaged food brand that gets into more homes and onto more shelves.


Brands I've Helped Build

It’s FINALLY time to get your packaged food product into more stores and homes

 Isn’t that why you started this business?  


✔️ To bring your delicious food to the world

✔️ To help people live a healthier life

✔️ To make an impact with your food

✔️ To create financial freedom for yourself & family


Yet it’s felt like pushing a boulder up the mountain to make it happen

We already know you have a delicious food product everyone raves over - but why aren’t  people flocking to your product?  


And why does  every store seem to ghost you  or just outright say no to having your product on their shelves - even after saying how great your product tastes?

It could be that...

You’re lost on how the packaged food industry actually works


You are amazing in the kitchen and creating delicious food, but marketing and growing your food business feels completely overwhelming. You’re not sure how to grow and trying to find the answers seems impossible! You are ready for someone to just give you the step-by-step ‘how’ to get your food product out there.

Your brand doesn’t stand out


Having a successful food company is more than just having delicious tasting food - your brand needs to stand out for stores and consumers to notice it and reach for your product. No matter how delicious your product tastes, if stores don’t list it and shoppers don’t buy it, no one gets to taste how delicious it really is - and you don’t make any money.

You’re starting to lose confidence in yourself


The food industry is confusing and overwhelming. You know how to make a delicious product but you can’t help feeling like you’re missing something to make this all actually work. You just don’t know what that ‘thing’ is and it’s starting to drain you and make you second guess everything you’re doing.

Here's the   raw truth 

If sales don’t improve you’ll continue to barely make it with your business


Or worse - your business will shut down.


Everyday food founders are shutting their doors because they are in your exact situation…


You have a delicious food product, but building it into a business feels totally out of your league.


You started this business   for a reason  

And I know it wasn’t to have an expensive hobby or to just shut it down after giving it your all for months or even years


Until you figure out HOW to successfully grow your food business to create consistent revenue -- the struggles will continue.


While you’ve been searching Google and reading books, trying everything to finally make your breakthrough, it feels like you are missing a piece of the puzzle to succeed.

What if that missing puzzle piece was  found?   Here's what would happen…


✔️ You would have complete confidence in the steps to market your brand so the once impossible sales goal - FINALLY happens!

✔️ Your brand would stand out so instead of ghosting or saying no, stores begin saying “WHEN can we get your product on our shelves?” 

✔️ Instead of thinking you should shut down your business every week, you are selling so much that you have to seriously think about expanding

✔️ You’d go from struggling to afford to stay open to consistent profit and financial freedom

Sound like what you want?

Then let’s get you your missing puzzle piece!

I invite you to... 

 A step-by-step blueprint to build and grow a successful packaged food brand that gets into more homes and onto more shelves so you make more money while letting you live your values.


This is a transformational, 6 week, in-depth program that will help you build the food business you've been dreaming of



✔️ Navigate the packaged food industry even if you're brand new to it


✔️ Build a food brand that's based on your values and have it connect with an audience who will love it


✔️ Understand what the market is hungry for so you can uniquely position your product and brand to meet the unmet needs of consumers and stores


✔️ Build a unique brand that sets you apart from your competition so stores and shoppers know why they need your brand over everyone else

✔️ Know where to spend your time, money, and energy when it comes to marketing plus exactly what to post, so you can focus on what actually works on driving sales 


✔️ Get your product listed and selling online and in stores 


✔️ Make money in your food business so you can grow with confidence


✔️ Build a lasting brand and sustainable business even if you've never run a business before

Hi, I’m Ainsley


I’ve been launching, growing and scaling packaged food and beverage brands all across North America for 16+ years.

The first decade of my career was spent working in branding and sales for the most successful food and beverage brands in the world. Seeing first hand the power of building a brand, and not just a product, I decided to launch my own beverage brand and start helping companies I believe in build their own brand too so they could really make the difference they were looking to make.


As I started helping more new and emerging food founders launch & grow their business I saw the passion and heart behind why so many people decided to start their business. I also saw, that most of these founders had no idea how the food industry worked, weren’t clearly standing out from their competitors, were working all day long in their business and barely making any money.

That’s why I started Food Brands That Sell™. The proven Food Brands That Sell™ Framework helps food founders feel confident about how to navigate the food industry, grow their business and create a lasting brand behind it.

I don’t call myself a Food Brand Strategist & CPG Expert just because I figured out how to get listed in a few stores or know what looks appealing on shelf.

✔️  I’ve managed Fortune 500 multi million dollar brands and understand how to really be a brand owner that can connect with shoppers, get listed in stores, get picked up off of store shelves and make money all along the way. 

✔️  I’ve been in your shoes and had my own beverage brand

✔️  I’ve helped dozens of food brands grow their business, get into more stores, understand the packaged food landscape and feel more confident in their business


The Food Brands That Sell™ Framework is built on principles and strategies that have been tried, tested and work to help food founders build real food brands that get in stores and into people’s homes

Within Food Brands That Sell we are giving you everything to succeed to get on more store shelves and into more homes.


Here are the details

The Food Brands That Sell Program - lifetime access

($ 5,250 Value) 


Get clear on your company goals, visions and values


You'll walk away with

  • Your unique brand purpose so you always have a clear path to follow 
  • Your unique company values that lets you build a business you love and that is uniquely yours
  • A real honest view of where you are as a company and founder so you can lean in on the good and course correct in other areas
  • Clear and measurable goals for your business


Understand what the market is hungry for so you sell that


You'll walk away with 

  • A clear picture of what's impacting sales in your category
  • Who your audience is, what they need from you and how to connect with them 
  • What makes you unique from the competition 
  • How to position your business against market trends, connect with consumers and stand out from competition 


Build a brand that stands out in heads, hearts & wallets  


You'll walk away with 

  • What makes your brand unique and how to lean into that so no one can compete with you
  • Your brand personality and how to have that shine through everything your brand does
  • Words, phrases & imagery for you to own as a brand
  • How to create an emotional connection to your brand so you have loyal raving fans


Marketing mastery for your food brand  


You'll walk away with

  • A marketing plan to drive awareness and sales for your brand
  • How to bring your brand to life across paid, owned and earned marketing channels so everything you do doesn't need to cost you money you don't have 
  • A plan on how to invest the marketing funds you do have to get the best return for your time, money and energy efforts 
  • A clear way to track your marketing efforts so you can see what's working and what's not, allowing you to double down on the highest sales driving activities


Selling online and in stores to make a profit


You'll walk away with

  • A clear set of physical and online stores that are perfect for you and your shopper so you can focus your efforts on where you'll hear YES more often
  • Sell sheets and sales presentation that will grab the attention of decision makers and have them see why they need your product versus any other
  • The right pricing and promotions strategy for your business so you and retailers can both make money and your customers feel great paying for your brand 
  • A plan to navigate the best sales partners for you, your business and your goals

Food Brands That Sell will:


✔️ Save you thousands of dollars from not making costly mistakes 

✔️ Save you hours and hours of searching hoping to find all the puzzle pieces to succeed

✔️Grow your business faster an way easier than if you were trying to figure it all out on your own 

Grab the entire program and high-touch support for 







Best Value

$1,197 USD






3 Payments of





Imagine having a  food brand  that...


✔️ Is built on your values (no matter how out of the box you might think they are)

✔️ Stores consistently say ‘yes’ to carrying (and you still made a profit selling there)

✔️ People regularly buy (even when you’re not on sale)

✔️ Made you money (versus just took your money)

✔️  Has a loyal customer base (that leaves reviews, shares your brand with others and comes back to buy from you over and over again)

✔️ You feel so confident about (even if you’ve never worked in the food industry or run a business before)

The Food Brands That Sell™ Success Map That Will Make It All Possible

The Food Brands That Sell™  exclusive framework  has been developed after 14 years in the packaged food industry using the lessons I’ve learned from


✔️  Managing over a dozen Fortune 500 food and beverage brands across North America

✔️  Launching my own direct to consumer coffee company

✔️  Working with just under 100 new and emerging food brands directly in their business


Regular Price = $1,197...


Today's Limited Time Price $197


Got questions? I've got answers



Since you’ve made it to the bottom of the page, I know that you are still deciding on Food Brands That Sell™

I get it, investing in your business can be a big deal.  And I want you to make the right decision.

Through Food Brands That Sell™, you get a step-by-step roadmap to having a successful food or beverage business -- one that has been proven and used by top and emerging food brands.

I’ve used this system with some of the biggest names, new businesses, and even within my own beverage company.

Don’t let another day go by without a proven system teaching you how to profit instead of dreaming for the day you are on more shelves and in more homes creating financial freedom.


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