Turn your food product into the food brand that sells!

There are 40,000+ products in an average grocery store

How are you going to get noticed by wholesale buyers and hungry shoppers?

  • Imagine having a brand that had shoppers SO excited to buy your product from you week after week?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have retail buyers reaching out to you to list your product?
  • How great would it be to have a strategic growth plan set up for you...and all the tools and templates to go along with it?

Wouldn't it be nice to launch or relaunch your packaged food or beverage brand with confidence knowing buyers and shoppers will want to buy from you?

Now you can, with the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator 90-day program that takes you from being just another food product on shelf to being the food brand that SELLS!  

The F.A.B. Brand Accelerator is Now Open!

It's time to build a food brand that gets into more stores and into more homes!

In the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator, You're Going to Learn

  • How to turn your packaged food or beverage product into the BRAND people ask for and buy
  • How to get your product listed on retail shelves by giving retailers what they REALLY want to know (hint - it's not how delicious your product is)
  • The right marketing plan for your brand that will drive sales without costing a fortune or wasting a ton of time
  • Systems and structures to allow you to step into being a confident business owner and leader
  • How to really grow your packaged food or beverage business 

Hi Food Friend, I'm Ainsley!

I’ve spent 13+ years building some of the most iconic packaged food and beverage brands that line your grocery store shelves. I’ve also launched my own coffee company, helped dozens of founders build their brands into thriving businesses and wrote the 2018 book Branding Beyond Logos.


I'm passionate about the packaged food industry, building incredible brands, inspiring others to be their best self and sipping on delicious coffee.  

In the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator, I’m  going to teach you how to create a food or beverage brand that will stand out, sell more and turn your customers into hungry advocates. 

This is the #1 way to work with me and to have my 13+ years of F.A.B. (Food & Beverage) brand expertise applied to your business.

What does the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator  Look Like?


We focus on 3 key areas:

  1. How to build a powerful brand that sets you apart from everyone else and will help you get on shelves and get into people's mouths
  2. How to get your product listed on store shelves so customers can find you 
  3. How to use marketing to connect with your right audience in the right places, with the right messages so they will buy, try and love your brand



When you sign up for the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator, you can stop worrying if you're doing the right thing in your business and instead you'll start feeling confident about how to launch or grow your business because you'll know you have a proven structure in place. 

Inside the F.A.B. Brand Accelerator 90 -day program you'll have 

  • A new training released each week so you can set your business up step by step vs. being overwhelmed by what to do when 
  • Monthly live Q&A group calls so you can get all your questions about growing your business answered
  • Worksheets, resources and tools you need to stay organized, get laser focused on what's driving the business forward and elevate your business leadership skills 

Have me as your partner in building a thriving packaged food or beverage brand and business. 

"I wanted to let you know that I super enjoy the course!!! I wish I came across your site earlier. Your book also inspired me to work on rebranding. I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s for the best!!!😊"

Milksta Brew

"Ainsley is one of the most knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. For real. Hiring her was THE best thing for my business. She got me super organized and on track with a sales & marketing strategy. Highly HIGHLY recommend her services!!!"


"I would happily recommend Ainsley Moir to anyone looking to grow their food business. Her insights are helpful in many areas of business. Ainsley is an amazing asset to the small food business owner and is sure to help save time and money to anyone who apply what she teaches."


"Ainsley is great at what she does and has surpassed our expectations. We can't recommend her enough for a start up or small business looking to take their business to the next level."



What it all looks like 

  • My 90 day F.A.B. (Food & Beverage) Formula for Food Business Success
  • A system that will take you through building a brand, to selling to retailers to marketing to consumers all while building a business
  • Weekly training modules to keep you constantly moving forward, but not overwhelmed 
  • Monthly group Q&A calls so you can have me looking inside your business with you
  • Lifetime access to all the training lessons including any updates that are made in the future 
  • Tools, templates & resources to keep you running faster and with more ease in your business 
  • An exclusive membership portal to connect with me and your food friends throughout the program and forever after


Learn how to build a packaged food brand and business that gets on shelves, into homes and makes you a proud business owner. 


PLUS I'm Throwing In $1,366.99 In Bonuses


  • 3 Month Access into the F.A.B. Growth Academy - $597 Value

  • Branding Beyond Logos the Book - $19.99 Value

  • Exclusive savings for RangeMe Premium Membership - $750 Value


Get The F.A.B. Brand Accelerator 90 Day Program PLUS $1,366.99 in Bonuses For Only $1,997


Pricing Options

Pay in Full or Monthly Payment Options (all pricing in USD)


$997 One Time Payment 




3 Monthly Payments of $414.99 




Have questions? I have answers

Starting from scratch is not a problem. In fact, you’ll appreciate the fact you have a clean slate. Everything I share can be applied to a new brand, a 100 year old brand, a super niche brand or a very wide spread brand. 

You bet. Chances are you didn’t build a brand in a way other than on a whim in the first place so building it the strategic way no matter where  you are is great. Plus, your audience may have changed, the category may have changed and your product might have too. Great brands need refreshes. 

Great question. For 10 years I worked in branding, marketing, sales and leadership roles for the largest brands in the food industry. You might even have some of these brands in your cupboards or in your fridge. I learnt how to build F.A.B. brands from the top brands in the world. And then, I built my own brand. And then I’ve taught companies of all sizes how to build theirs too. 

Oh, and I also published the book Branding Beyond Logos to help anyone build a breakthrough brand.

A few ways actually:

  1. This training is dedicated specifically for packaged food and beverage business owners.
  2. I have built some of the largest brands in the food & beverage industry so what I share comes from the training inside these food companies. This is different than hearing things from previous buyers or previous small food producers because they haven’t been where you really want to be; having a brand that everyone knows, loves and wants to list. I will show you how to build a brand the way the big brands do...in a way that makes sense for you as you’re a small or emerging brand.
  3. I’ve also built my own brand, so I know what It’s like to sit in your shoes and build a food company.  What I share with you is the secrets of how big bands and small brands come together to build a powerful food system. 

Don’t worry. The lessons shared will be yours forever. Even if I add info to this training in the future, you’ll have full access to all the training so you can go at your own pace, and rewatch the lessons you want. 

It is. And that’s because I’m giving you the brand building strategies and techniques that multi million dollar brands use in the food & beverage industry...but don’t worry, I’ve made everything simple enough for anyone to understand and put to use, even if you have no business or food background. 

It’s basically the only industry I’ve ever worked in. Since 2007, I’ve been launching, growing and scaling food brands. I’ve worked on some brands outside of that area in the past 2 years as well, but the food has always been a passion point for me.

What I love about this training is that, no matter where you are in the world, you can access this training. I’ve worked with brands in Canada, America, Australia and Europe and the same principles apply wherever you are. Except for a few differences in spelling between flavour or flavor and my pronunciation of “niche” vs. “nitch”.

I'm fully confident you're going to get the information you need to build a breakthrough food or beverage brand that gets on more shelves and into more homes. I can't do the work for you though (or at least not through this program), that's on you.  If after 2 weeks in the program you're not getting value you expected and you've done the work assigned in the program, send me a note [email protected] and I'll refund your money. No problem. 

Finally have a plan in place to build a food brand that sells!  


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