Branding Beyond Logos Summit

Stand out, sell more & turn customers into advocates

Hosted by author & 10+ year branding expert Ainsley Moir

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Hear from all 20 of the 2018 Branding Beyond Logos Summit speakers whenever you want from wherever you want! These authors, podcast hosts and business leaders all share actionable tips and takeaways about how YOU can build a brand that stands out and sells more.  
Get lifetime access to all of these exclusive interviews so you can build the brand you know your business deserves!



Introducing The World Changing Experts For The Branding Beyond Logos Summit:

Get Ready To Stand Out, Connect With Your Ideal Client With Your Brand and Sell MORE!

Laura Reis

"How To Build Brand Positioning"

Gregory Diehl

"Build A Brand Identity"

Mike Kim

"How To Use Persuasive Copywriting"

Lisa Simone Richards

"Get To A Core Brand Message"

Marty Neumeier

"Create Brand Advocates"

Sam Laliberte

"How To Use Communities To Build Brand"

Dan Cockerell

"How Culture Builds Brands"

Denise Lee Yohn

"Fusing Brand and Culture"

Joseph Michelli

"How To Build Meaningful Moments"

Jeanne Bliss

"How To Turn Customers Into Advocates"

Paco Underhill

"Small Business Advantages"

Maggie Fogg

"How To Use Customer Journeys"

Janalle Barlow

"Branded Customer Service"

Chris Edmonds

"Why Purposeful Culture Is So Important"

Craig Simpson

"How To Use Direct Mail To Stand Out"

Anne Janzer

"How To Build Subscription Marketing"

Craig Lund

"Why It's Important To Niche Down"

Charmaine Moules

"How Leadership Builds Great Brands"

Jonathan La Greca

"Why Insights Lead To Powerful Brands"

Karen Cheng

"Using Typeface To Stand Out"


The best way to build a breakthrough brand is to learn from others who have created breakthrough brands. Our speakers have built some of the most influential brands in the world including Disney, Coca-Cola, Samsung and so many more. They are business owners, authors, executives and podcast hosts, and they’re sharing their knowledge with YOU!  

You’ll get exclusive access to all 20 of these interviews and topics.

Are You Ready To Stand Out and Sell More?

Get ready to have LIFETIME ACCESS to all 20 of the Branding Beyond Logos interviews!

Hi! I'm Ainsley Moir, your summit host.


After building some of the most recognizable brands in North America, I realized big brands look at building a brand differently than most companies. They look at elements of building a brand that most others miss, but are crucially important to building a brand that stands out, connects and sells.  

The most powerful companies know their brand is NOT their logo. It’s time you did too. I’ve invited 20 of the leading business and branding experts to chat about how to build a brand beyond just a logo so it stands out, sells more and turns customers into advocates.  

Get ready to learn how you can build a lasting brand and a thriving business! 


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