Build an irresistible packaged food brand  


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Have You Ever Thought..

“People love my product... so why aren’t more people buying it?”

We’ve entered a new era in the packaged food industry where there's more competition than ever before.  

Getting stores and shoppers to say YES to buying your product takes a unique approach that most food founders just don't know.

 I know your product tastes amazing, but that alone is NOT what's going to get your product on store shelves and into shoppers’ homes.   


If you want to get your delicious product into more people’s hands so you can make a larger impact but…


➤ You need to know the HOW to make it happen.

➤ You’re feeling stuck and alone in your business

➤ The food industry feels completely overwhelming and you’re Googling night and day hoping the magic answer shows up

➤ The amount of time you invest in your business is way more than the amount of money you make


√  You CAN break through the noise and get your product on store shelves and into more shoppers’ homes

  There’s a specific way the packaged food industry works and once you understand the behind the scenes workings, you can navigate the industry. And that makes getting on store shelves and moving off those shelves so much easier even during uncertain times

  You can absolutely make some serious money in the packaged food industry even when ESPECIALLY when the market is going through major shifts and people are more value conscious than ever before

  There are people out there WAITING for a product like yours, no matter how niche it may be


And I’m going to teach you how to get your delicious product on shelves and make some serious money inside the Food Brands That Sell Bootcamp.


With the packaged food industry changing faster than ever before, now is the perfect time for you to breakthrough


If you have a great product, here are three truths I already know about your brand 

🛒 Your brand should be the one getting on store shelves

🛒 Your brand should be getting consistent sales from your online store

🛒 Your brand should be the one people buy over and over again because your product is so darn good and exactly what they’re looking for


Let me help you go from the industry’s best-kept secret to being the brand stores and shoppers can’t get enough of

Even during uncertain times

Even when the industry is going through a major shift

If you have a great product, I want to teach you how to have your food brand stand out so it can sell more

Inside the bootcamp you’ll learn:

The 3 things your food brand NEEDS for it to stand out against the competition 

My food brand selling structure that makes gets more stores saying YES to your brand 

The EASIEST way to save time in your business without sacrificing growth 

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 Learn how to build an irresistible packaged food brand that gets on more store shelves and in more people's homes


Happening September 19th - September 23rd



Day 1

 The Secret Behind Every Successful Food Brand

 Learn what every successful package food and beverage business has already figured out about what it really takes to have a food brand that sells


Day 2

How To Get More People To Buy Your Product More Often

Uncover how to instantly connect with shoppers & get them to buy your product. Even if you have lots of competitors, are just starting out and don’t have millions of dollars behind you 

Day 3

Get Stores To Say Yes To Selling Your Brand 

The unique approach that gets stores to see exactly why they need your product in their stores and how to get them saying yes to your brand.

Day 4

The 5 most COSTLY mistakes to avoid

Learn how to avoid costly and timely mistakes that are stalling your growth and what to do instead so you can build your dream food business faster.

Day 5

Build The Food Business Of Your Dreams 

How to build the food business of your dreams even with a niche product, lots of competitors, hitting a growth plateau or having no idea how to navigate the  industry

  I’m going to teach you all this and more in this virtual live 5 day bootcamp


PLUS a chance to win prizes as you join us live each day!
















Meet Your Instructor

Hey food friends!  I’m Ainsley Moir, a Food Brand Strategist & Author who helps struggling packaged food producers turn their great tasting product into a thriving packaged food business by showing them how to create a resilient food brand.

With more than 15 years in the packaged food industry, I’ve worked with the industry’s most recognizable and successful brands including Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup, and Rockstar Energy Drinks. Today, with my company Healthy Food & Beverage Group, I share the same principles, strategies, and tactics the most successful food brands in the world use with new and emerging food producers.

My clients have gone from 1-2 store listings to being sold into the largest grocery chains across the nation. From running a side hustle selling online only to being able to quit their day job and hire their first employees. From having only an idea to getting into their very first stores. And from having a great tasting product that they struggled to get in stores and have people take home, to being a recognized brand in the industry with consistent sales month after month.

I’m excited to help you get your product on more store shelves and into more homes by applying what I’ll be teaching inside the Food Brands That Sell Bootcamp!

Brands I've Helped Build 

After going through the Bootcamp and following the simple + proven structure laid out you’ll…


✔️ Know where to spend your time in your business so you can stop doing everything and instead focus on what drives sales

✔️ Know exactly what people want to buy so you can sell that (without needing to change your product formula)

✔️ Know how to make it SO easy for stores to say yes to carrying your product 

✔️ Feel confident about how the food industry really works 

✔️ Have a brand that shoppers are excited to pick up from store shelves

✔️ Know how to bring predictability into your business even during unpredictable times

✔️ Know how to get shoppers to happily pay your premium price even when inflation is going through the roof

✔️ Know how to be absolutely resilient even when the industry, the world, and the supply chain tests you!


I can't wait to see you inside the bootcamp!


Got questions? email me [email protected]