Confidently Launch Or Grow Your Packaged Food Or Beverage Business
Yes! I Want A Food Brand That Sells!

24 Video Lessons Including 

  • The fastest and easiest way to hit your financial goals
  • How to build a unique brand that's aligned to your values
  • How to uniquely position yourself as the best option amongst competitors no matter how many there are or how new you are to the market
  • Designing labels and packaging so they stand out and help you sell more on shelf and online
  • Choosing the right marketing tactics for you
  • How to drive sales with social media
  • How to drive sales with influencers
  • Profitable Amazon listings 
  • How to create a sell sheet that makes getting in stores easier
  • How to pitch your brand to retailers 
  • Building your financials to make sure you're actually making a profit 

Prebuilt Tools & Templates Including

  • Profitability calculator 
  • Cost of Goods Sold and pricing calculator 
  • Discount and margins calculator  
  • Return on marketing investment tracker 
  • Financial tracking to make sure you know when money is coming in and how to best use it 
  • Sales presentation template 

Live Support Every Step Of The Way 

  • Feedback on your business, presentations, sell sheets, marketing and financials inside our private online community 
  • Get my help brainstorming new ideas on how to grow your business 
  • No more trying to figure out what to do in your business all on your own - I'm going to help you! 

The Food Brands That Sell™ Success Map You'll Go Through Inside The Program


Inside Food Brands That Sell™ You'll Learn How To


✔️ Build a food brand that's  based on your values and have it connect with an audience who will love it!

✔️ Know what people actually want to buy and what they're willing to pay for so you can sell that or, show them how your product is the perfect product they'er looking for 

✔️ Set yourself apart from your competition so stores and shoppers know why they need your brand over everyone else

✔️ Know where to spend your time, money and energy when it comes to marketing so you can focus on what actually works on driving sales 

✔️ Get more stores to say YES to selling your product for you and make selling so much easier 

✔️ Make money in your food business so you can grow with confidence

✔️ Navigate the packaged food industry even if you're brand new to it 

✔️ Build a lasting brand and sustainable business, even if you've never run a business before 

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Food Brands That Sell™ Is For Specialty Food Founders That Want To Confidently Grow Their Business And Build A Resilient Food Brand 


Hi, I’m Ainsley


I’ve been launching, growing and scaling packaged food and beverage brands all across North America for 16+ years.

The first decade of my career was spent working in branding and sales for the most successful food and beverage brands in the world. Seeing first hand the power of building a brand, and not just a product, I decided to launch my own beverage brand and start helping companies I believe in build their own brand too so they could really make the difference they were looking to make.

As I started helping more new and emerging food founders launch & grow their business I saw the passion and heart behind why so many people decided to start their business. I also saw, that most of these founders had no idea how the food industry worked, weren’t clearly standing out from their competitors, were working all day long in their business and barely making any money.

That’s why I started Food Brands That Sell™. The proven Food Brands That Sell™ Framework helps food founders feel confident about how to navigate the food industry, grow their business and create a lasting brand behind it.

I don’t call myself a Food Brand Strategist & CPG Expert just because I figured out how to get listed in a few stores or know what looks appealing on shelf.


✔️  I’ve managed Fortune 100, multi million dollar brands and understand how to really be a brand owner that can connect with shoppers, get listed in stores, get picked up off of store shelves and make money all along the way. 

✔️  I’ve been in your shoes and had my own beverage brand

✔️  I’ve helped hundreds of food brands grow their business, get into more stores, understand the packaged food landscape and feel more confident in their business


 The Food Brands That Sell™ Framework is built on principles and strategies that have been tried, tested and work to help food founders build food brands that get in stores and into people’s homes

Yes! I Want to Have a Food Brand That Sells!



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